Hella provides ‘Intelligent High-Beam Assist’ to Mercedes

Hella will supply Mercedes-Benz with the world’s first continuously adjustable headlamps. Available as an option in Europe on the company’s 2010 Mercedes E-Class models, the new system adjusts a vehicle’s headlamps to traffic conditions and provides drivers with the best possible road illumination without blinding oncoming vehicles.

The “intelligent high-beam assistant” automatically switches to high-beam when the road ahead is clear. As soon as vehicles are detected within 2,600 feet, the equipment adjusts the range of the headlamps within milliseconds. High- to low-beam adjustments are activated once the driver reaches 35 miles per hour.

The usual range of the low-beam is 213 feet, however, the new system can provide the driver with light up to the high-beam level, increasing the range of the headlamps to 984 feet, or the length of two- and three-quarters football fields.

Read article here.



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