BMW to use WirelessCar for its European telematics services

WirelessCar has been selected to be the Telematics Service Provider for BMW in Europe. This prestigious contract will ultimately connect all newly produced vehicles on these markets from June 2010 and forward and also include a migration path for all legacy vehicles currently operating in the marketplace.

Services will be available on all models for a period of up to four years. Basic services include:

– An automatic and manual emergency call

– A breakdown or roadside assistance call

– An up-to-date traffic information function An operator-supported information or concierge service, which offers the driver a wide range of local information and data.

– A feature for sending geo-coded information (e.g. a Point-Of-Interest, POI) to the car

Over the past years, WirelessCar has created a strong relationship with BMW as their Telematics Service Provider in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. Also, over the past year, WirelessCar has been co-developing the Next Generation Telematics Protocol for use on their next generation solution. These two points, along with the ability of WirelessCar to be a global provider, helped secure the contract.

WirelessCar will be working with a third party provider as a Call Center partner to deliver services. The delivery of services in the Middle East will remain unchanged.

Read press release here.


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