NAVTEQ chosen by Navman as its preferred map supplier in Australia

NAVTEQ has announced an agreement that Navman will utilize the NAVTEQ map of Australia in its entire range of portable navigation devices. NAVTEQ is already powering the full range of Mio devices since the end of last year. With this new agreement, NAVTEQ will be the preferred map supplier for MiTAC, the company who owns Navman, Mio and Magellan in Australia.

In addition to the industry leading NAVTEQ map, Navman will deploy additional new NAVTEQ content such as:

  • Lonely Planet for NAVTEQ: Travel Guide, which provides trusted insight from expert Lonely Planet writers for points of interest, helping end-users make decisions on where to stay, eat or spend their leisure time. The Lonely Planet travel guide content is matched to the NAVTEQ Map to provide positive navigation experiences;
  • Speed Limits that enables applications to warn users against violation of traffic restrictions and provide information about maximum speed on a road.

Read article here.


One Response to “NAVTEQ chosen by Navman as its preferred map supplier in Australia”

  1. Johnpaul Odonnell Says:

    I’ve been telling people all day long to read this text!!

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