Hyundai’s next-gen nav system with Bluetooth audio streaming

Autoblog has taken an in-depth look at a prototype of Hyundai’s next generation navigation system  that will be launched on the Genesis Coupe later this summer.


The new system is actually built on the bones of the current nav employed in other Hyundai products, but it sports a new interface and a brace of new features including Bluetooth phone and streaming audio capability.

Given that this is a new system, we couldn’t help but ask why the Korean automaker declined to add hard-drive-based storage capability for users to rip their music libraries to the car’s audio system, as there is with other systems coming on the market (think: Chrysler U-Connect). Hyundai’s answer was twofold, in effect posing the question as to whether such an addition was really a benefit or a redundancy, as most owners have their music already stored on their MP3 players and/or their mobile phones (both of which the AVN accomodates). The second point was that hard drives have durability issues in a mobile environment, where temperatures vary, shocks and jolts are a way of life, and so on.

Read article here.


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