Airbiquity launches as full telematics service provider

airbiquity logo

Airbiquity has announced that the company is newly positioned as a complete telematics service provider, offering the most comprehensive, cost-effective, end-to-end connectivity solutions for automotive OEMs, fleet managers and PND manufacturers.

Airbiquity’s shift to a full telematics service provider was shaped by a series of interviews with automotive OEMs, PND manufacturers, fleet managers, industry analysts, partners and consumers globally. Based on this expert feedback and consumer insights, the new Airbiquity Connected Services were born, spanning a number of categories including: Safety & Security, Maintenance & Care, Productivity & Efficiency, Luxury & Convenience, Entertainment & Fun and 50 other desired categories and services.

Airbiquity Connected Services enable customized offerings to be implemented on both fully embedded wireless modules in cars and PND devices or via a Bluetooth connection utilizing a user’s existing mobile phone to deliver a full array of services. This two-tier approach ensures a price point acceptable to both mass-market and premium segments.

Read press release.



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