Jungo unveils MediaCore for automotive infotainment systems

jungo logo

Jungo Ltd., a leading provider of USB software connectivity solutions, has  introduced the launch of its MediaCore Automotive Middleware solution for in-car infotainment systems.

MediaCore leverages Jungo’s advanced USBware protocol stack to facilitate industry-compliant connectivity with any USB device. It also provides infotainment system manufacturers with all of the components necessary to index, control, synchronise and stream audio, video and images from personal media players, USB mobile storage, smartphones, and cameras to in-car systems.

Enabling end-to-end connectivity, MediaCore unifies access to any media source that utilizes USB network transports. This includes devices such as Apple iPod, MP3/MP4 players, flash drives, local hard disks, CD/DVDs and mobile phones.

With Jungo’s MediaCore, all connected media sources are filtered through a media gateway and are controlled via an intuitive, unified API. This eliminates the complexity of direct protocol implementations and enables a single application to control and access all media sources. Native support for advanced media protocols (such as MTP and Apple iPod) is enabled through Jungo’s media API reduction technology which allows applications to select and play songs using only three function calls.

Read press release here.


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