Peugeot 5008 (2010) ADAS – HUD and Distance Alert

peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 sets new standards in terms of safety and driving comfort with the introduction of new and innovative technologies into the compact people carrier segment.

* The Head-Up Display provides essential driving information (speed, cruise control/speed limiter and distance alert) via a translucent panel which extends from the top of the instrument panel. The driver can then see this information as though it was being projected on to the windscreen, and therefore does not have to take his eyes from the road to stay informed. This equipment, innovative at this level of the market, offers real gains in terms of primary safety as well as driving convenience.

* The Distance Alert is a technology which helps the driver to comply with safe distance. A radar located behind the lower front bumper panel measures the time in seconds between the vehicle in front and then transmits this data to the head-up display. The alert system, which can be set between 0.9 s and 2.5 s by means of toggle switches located on the fascia panel, informs the driver if he is driving too close to the car in front. Since this equipment is non-intrusive, the driver remains in control of the vehicle at all times. This system, once again, is not usually found on this level vehicle. It also efficiently complements the speed limiter and cruise control in terms of safety.

See full vehicle spec here.



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