Is Sirius-XM about to go global?

iphone xm

Rapid TV News: Apple’s hugely popular iPhones have won world-wide appeal, and any day now Apple will be launching the OS.3 operating system. There’s already a radio app for use on the iPhone (Normsoft’s Pocket Tunes). We also know that pay-radio operator Sirius-XM is busy working with Apple on a Sirius application. The iPhone app is widely expected to be a streaming radio device. How could this play outside North America?

Sirius-XM is not alone in the pay-radio market. There’s already Worldspace and the promised services from Ondas Media, anticipated for 2011. Technically, Sirius-XM is somewhat constrained in its ability to deliver global signals, and financially this may not be the most timely moment to ‘go global’, other than with the Apple-type devices. There’s also the challenging question of international audio rights as to sports coverage as well as listening to on-air talent such as Howard Stern, but these could be overcome, as is often the case, with cash!

Read article here.



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