The new iPhone 3G S and in-car infotainment

tomtom iphoneiphone key

Apple’s new iPhone 3G S is set to have the following features that could have a potential impact on in-car infotainment systems:

1) TomTom navigation:

TomTom unveiled its application (price not released yet)  for the iPhone, bringing maps and voice-guided directions to the smartphone. The biggest boon for drivers is the addition of the audible prompts, since the current iPhone is only able to provide text-based instructions through Google Maps. In addition, TomTom will offer a car kit for the iPhone, which includes a vehicle mount and car charger.

2) Zip Car:

This application allows a user to locate him or herself relative to the nearest available car for rent, purchase the drive time and even unlock the car’s door, all from inside the app.

3) iTunes upgrade:

Movie rentals/purchases from the iPhone have been confirmed. Users can also purchase tv shows/audio books/etc on the go.

4) Tethering support:

Tethering works with Mac/PC, USB or Bluetooth.  It is a seamless experience – once it’s on, there’s no need for tethering software on the computer.  Like MMS, it requires carrier support – 22 carriers at launch including Telefonica, TIM, Rogers and more. Doesn’t look like AT&T will support tethering.

5) Find My iPhone:

This  service allows users to  locate their lost phone. While complete details are still a bit light, the service will apparently let users login into their MobileMe account and instantly see iPhone on a map, and even send a message to the phone and force it to play a sound whether it’s in silent mode or not.

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