Korea: iriver launches PND with DMB-T TV

iriver pnd dmb-t

iriver has announced  a new Portable Media Player, the NV Classic, which not only handles multimedia playback but also includes a DMB digital TV, radio tuner and GPS navigation.

The NV Classic supports MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA audio files and MPEG1/4, WMV9 and Xvid videos, together with displaying JPEG and BMP images.

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One Response to “Korea: iriver launches PND with DMB-T TV”

  1. Tony Orwin Says:

    iRiver continue to show a lead to the market – and to deliver highly functional attractive products. The inclusion of T-DMB (and by default a DAB radio tuner) make it even more of a “Dlighful device”!

    I look forward with interest to seeing it being made available in Europe where with ALL of the functionality intact – and of course at an attractive price where I am sure it will be a hit as Broadcasters from Ireland to India take up the range of Eureka 147 protocol basedbroadcasts that this device can accommodate.

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