Edmunds: Why can’t my car and my Bluetooth phone just get along?


The executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the trade association that promotes and oversees the technology, has compatibility issues in his own vehicle, for example. But we also discovered that the Bluetooth SIG is working with automakers to smooth out some of these snags and we point out steps you can take to make sure that your new car and your phone get along.

“I think the first thing would be to enable going to the dealership to, say, change your oil and update your Bluetooth system,” Foley said. “And [automakers] are even exploring how they can do it over the air through a mobile phone or a network connection.” Ford’s Sync system, after all, allows car owners to update the system’s software via a download from the Internet. So the same concept potentially could be applied to Bluetooth profiles.

And with the lag time between the rapid pace of consumer electronics and the three-year-minimum product-planning cycles automakers have to deal with — which means the Bluetooth system in your new 2009 model was designed in 2006 — such software updates may be the only way to ensure that your new phone and your new car can get along.

Read article here.



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