Mercedes : Internet will be soon unavoidable in the car

mercedes mycomand

Starting from 2012, a simple Internet connection could replace all the multimedia equipment and navigation systems currently embedded in cars, according to Ralf Herrtwich, Director of Multimedia and Telematics, Mercedes Benz. Users can choose any desired information and the car will connect to a server to download this information.

Waiting for 4G:

The idea is that through an on board Internet connection, the screen displays information for navigation, from online services like Google Maps with traffic information in real time but also functions such as the display of aerial photos or parking availability. This connection would also serve to connect to Web radio, watching streaming movies and, of course, surfing the web and why not read and write emails.

The concept is not new and many brands, including BMW and Mercedes already offer the precursors of such services. Starting from 2012, when 4G mobile networks are available, which promise good data rates (tests have shown transfer rates between 1 and 100 Mbps), connected services are more feasible.

And in those areas where 4G networks are not available, the system will store data temporarily through a cache system to quicken load-up times.

Read article here (Text in French).



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