Video: Eye-Fi Card – Wi-Fi on SD card

eye fi

Eye-Fi has updated its line of Secure Digital (SD) Wi-Fi cards with the Eye-Fi Pro, which adds support for RAW format image files. The new model ($150, 4 GB) can also use ad hoc networking, a computer-to-computer Wi-Fi transfer method supported by Mac OS X and all desktop operating systems.

The company’s SD and SDHD (high density) cards are initially configured by using a USB card reader (included) to set up preferences and enter Wi-Fi network passwords. Several models, including the Pro, are automatically configured to connect at no cost to any of 10,000 AT&T Wayport hotspot in the U.S. (One year’s service is included; each subsequent year is $15.)

The card works independently of the camera; the camera is, in fact, unaware that anything is different about the card. All five models of Eye-Fi (which in features, and start at $50 for the basic Home version) automatically transfer files whenever it encounters a Wi-Fi network that matches any in a card’s profile.

Read article here.

Video on how Eye-Fi works:


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