Switzerland enacts open set-top-box market

swiss flag

Cable customers in Switzerland will be able to choose which digital receiver they want to use for TV reception from 2011. The Swiss parliament has approved the regulation and commissioned the government to prepare the appropriate legal framework.

The move is a reaction to the business practices of cable operators such as heavyweight Cablecom which utilise basic encryption for free-to-air TV channels on their networks, making reception possible only with a set-top-box for sale or rent from the cable company. The new law will permit encryption of free-to-air TV channels only under the condition that customers can choose their own receiver.

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One Response to “Switzerland enacts open set-top-box market”

  1. GheP Says:

    This sounds quite similar to the United State’s switch from analog to digital receivers for ‘free’ national television. The change almost like going from VHS to DVD. Quality is amazing.

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